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Safety first!

Working with power tools is much lighter and much more effective, while observing OHS principles and remaining focused ensure its safety. Below you will find four principles which will make working with power tools safe, and its outcomes – reliable and rewarding if only you observe them.

    1. Buy from a trusted manufacturer

First of all, when buying tools, choose a trusted manufacturer. Thanks to that, you can be sure you get a reliably manufactured product, a product made of high quality materials, a product designed to fulfil its purpose in a failure-free manner.


      1. Read manufacturer’s instructions

Although experienced users may think all power tools function in a similar manner, reading manufacturer’s instructions actually lets them get to know important nuances. This should be their first step after purchasing the tools but before starting work with them. Manufacturer’s instructions contain all the necessary information regarding correct use of equipment as well as explanations of the safety symbols which can be found on specific power tools.

      1. Care for your workplace

In order to be able to use your power tools effectively, prepare your workplace in a correct manner first. Remove all the unnecessary articles and flammable materials from your immediate surroundings. Before you start any work, make sure if any third parties are at a safe distance so that no chip or piece may possibly pose a threat to any observer. In order to ensure your personal safety, when working wear appropriate clothes that match the work you perform.


      1. Care for your power tools

Every manufacturer clearly indicates how to care for tools so that they can fulfil their purpose flawlessly. The manufacturer also recommends maintenance and wearable part replacement deadlines. Those rules are usually contained in the manufacturer’s instructions. Violating those provisions does not only reduce power tool use safety; it further leads to the warranty becoming invalid.

Consequently, you should pay particular attention to maintaining your power tools. You should also remember that in everyday use you need to clean your power tools; once your work is finished, you should handle your power tools and store them in a correct manner.

Work with power tools, just like any other work, entails some risk. It is important that you reduce it to the minimum. In order to do so, you should observe OHS rules and pursue the ‘safety first’ principle.

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