Chipping hammer



Specific features:

comfortable auxiliary handle with wide adjustment range

12 step system for chisel index

aluminium gear casing

ergonomic, wide switch

convenient access to carbon brushes


flat tip chisel SDS-plus 20x250 mm


grease tube
100 ml

self sharpening point tip chisel SDS-max 360 mm

carrying case

Technical specification

Rated power 1050 W
Power supply 230V~50Hz
Holder type SDS-max
Impact rate 2100/min
Impact energy 10 J
Protection class II
Weight (without accessories) 5,4 kg


chiselling of ceramic tiles

light duty demolition works

skuwanie wylewek betonowych

hammering through walls and
floor tiles

chiselling of grooves and chases

chiselling of plasters

Rated power: 1050W
Holder type: SDS-max
Impact rate: 2100/min
Impact energy:10 J

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